Midtowne Oven, Downtown Lafayette

Midtowne Oven...All Wood, No Gas!

Here is just a taste of what makes us so great!

5Located at 625 Columbia Street, Midtowne Oven offers fresh and inspired flavors centered around Greater Lafayette's only real wood fired oven. Our original recipes ignite the taste buds and are sure to invite you back for more.

We are open:

Monday through Thursday from 5pm to 10pm 

Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 11pm

Midtowne Oven's Nightly Specials

Monday: Half-Priced Pizza Night

Tuesday: Purdue Student Night

20% off regular menu pricing with valid Purdue Student ID

Wednesday: $5 Appetizer Night

Thursday: Half-Priced Wine Night

*all special pricing is dine-in only*

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To our dear Friends,

We wanted to take a moment to let you all know that we are currently NOT officially affiliated with any outside delivery service. In the past, we have used HungryBoiler but we have ended that relationship. It has been brought to our attention that services like Mr. Delivery and DoorDash have hijacked our logo and menu and are offering seemingly legit delivery from our restaurant. Please know that we have NEVER given them our permission to do so. They allow you to place an order on their site and then will call us and place a carryout order under a regular name, not their company name, so we have no way of knowing when this is happening. We have your food ready within minutes as promised, but their delivery drivers, when they actually have them, take generally over an hour to pick up your food from us, if they even show up at all. THEY ARE GIVING YOU TERRIBLE SERVICE AND PASSING THE BLAME ONTO US! We have recently received several complaints from customers not knowing that they are being scammed by these services and we apologize for your lousy experiences. We strive to offer you great food with great service and the only way we can do that is if you visit us in person or call us directly for carryout at 765-423-7739. So please, if you're looking for awesome Midtowne food to satisfy your cravings, JUST SAY NO TO DELIVERY and visit us yourself! We hope to see you all very, very soon!

We appreciate your support and understanding!
Midtowne Oven


See What People Have to Say About Midtowne


"Super fresh ingredients and the taste is outstanding. You can actually taste the freshness."  -  Robyn Hartlep Sparger

"A great addition to the Lafayette cuisine."  -  Greg Doland

"This is a wonderful new area restaurant that I'll be recommending to friends."  -  Samuel Buckles

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